Why I love to see (and sniff) my work in print.

Santander Health and Lifestyle Summer Magazine

It always gives me a buzz when I ACTUALLY get to see the fruits of my labour in print. To be able to pick up something that I’ve designed and give it a good sniff. Why is that the first thing we designers do? It goes straight to our noses before we even look at it and smell that fresh print smell. It’s just so satisfying. Now don’t get me started on Sharpies! You designers will know what I mean.

Now as a freelance designer seeing my work in print is something of a rarity as the work either gets shipped straight to the client or I’m often on another booking before I get to see it before it goes back to the agency. So when I see something in print that I’ve worked on I really go to town on taking in that print smell.

This latest print job was working with Hogarth for Santander’s health and Lifestyle Magazine, Summer edition 2016.

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